Why invest in a water cooler for my bakery?

A water cooler is a technological solution for integrating water into the dough, the temperature of which can be precisely chosen by the baker according to the temperature of the flour and the bakery.

The temperature of the water to be integrated into the raw materials must be precise in order to determine a good balance between fermentation and enzymatic oxidation of the dough. To simplify the planning process, however, it is necessary to be able to equip the bakery with the right baking equipment.

In order to determine what you need, it is important that you know what draft capacity you need. This will determine the model you choose and the type of technology you need.

What bakery water chiller technologies are available?

There are three types:

What is the difference between a continuous flow water chiller and an accumulation water chiller?

If the water passes through a closed circuit, itself present inside a cooling tank, then it is a continuous flow water cooler. The water is therefore continuously cooled, which influences the draught flow rate. On the other hand, if the water is stagnant in a tank that is cooled by a refrigerant circuit, then it is an accumulation water cooler for bakery and pastry. The water is therefore immediately accessible for the amount of storage in the tank but requires annual maintenance to meet hygiene standards because the water is stored and is in contact with the coil and the tank.

How can I improve the comfort of use of my water cooler?

CFI offers you three possibilities to complement your technology:

  • Our water meter that will allow you to track the volume of water you incorporate into your dough.
  • Our water doser which, in addition to monitoring the volume of water, will automatically stop it according to your request. All you have to do is indicate the quantity of water required in advance.
  • Our doser-mixer: in addition to the above functions, you indicate the water temperature you want and the technology will regulate this temperature between the water from the network and the water from your cooler.