Slow proofing chamber - BLUE ROOM

This proofer chamber is designed for bakeries in a slow-proofing bread-making process. It allow a regular growth of your large productions in order to plan your work.


  • 2-18 racks of 400×600 mm (CFPL DF 46 models)
  • 1-9 racks of 600×800 mm (CFPL DF 68 models)


  • +2°C to +8°C


  • Precisely sized double flow evaporator with large-diameter ventilator (soft ventilation)
  • Regulation by a temperature sensor
  • Automated defrosting using electric heating elements
  • A hydraulic door closer
  • Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 42kg/m3) (optional)
  • Energy-saving LED lighting (optional)
  • Floor insulation with reinforced stainless steel ramp (optional)

Their stranghts

  • Double flow ventilation system ensuring a natural and continuous airflow of +2°C to +8°C, over all the products.
  • Even and controlled flow ensuring quality proofing while perfectly respecting the dough.
  • The door on the CFPL DF proofer has a new hydraulic closing system, thus ensuring a perfect airtightness.
  • Ecological, reliable and durable solution of CO2 refrigeration (natural gas R744).
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