Accumulation water chillers

The equipments from the RE L range are Accumulation Water Chillers. Their hourly output varies from 90 liters to 250 liters per hour, to cool the drinkable water of the network from +18° C to +2° C. The RE L90 and the RE L120 are delivered in standard with a wall support.


  • RE L90 : 90 liters/hours
  • RE L120 : 120 liters/hours
  • RE L250 : 250 liters/hours


  • Stainless steel
  • Adjustable legs


  • Water temperature adjustable by an electronic regulator precise to the 10th
  • Water agitator
  • Refrigerant fluid R452A
  • An external water column with a direct and immediate reading


  • +18° C to +2° C
  • The electromechanical control panel guarantees an extreme precision regarding the desired temperature
  • The water circulation is ensured between all the tubes of the coil: the contact is maximum
  • A water filter, with a high filtration capacity, guarantees a water without impurities
  • Quality water requiring little adjustment
  • Ease of use and practicality
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