Why choose CFI?

With more than 40 years of experience, we have reached a high level of expertise thanks to a unique know-how in the design of cold equipment and a development of Made In France products, always more reliable and efficient. 

A guarantee of reliability:

  • We choose our materials with rigor in order to offer high quality products: high density panels, control of losses...
  • We produce our panels in polyurethane foam injected with a high pressure machine with a density of 43kg/m3. The control of the production of our panels guarantees the best quality of insulation for an optimum reduction of the thermal losses in our devices.
  • Concerned about our environment, 97% of our suppliers are European, 86% of which are French. Thanks to this proximity, we considerably reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Our equipment is all produced and assembled in our factory in Lavaveix-les-Mines; we thus control the entire manufacturing process, allowing us to offer you customized designs.
  • Our highly qualified technicians mill the injected panels themselves, allowing for complete adaptability to our customers' requirements.
  • Thanks to our network of distributors and our spare parts warehouse, we offer a very reactive service to each request.

All these actions allow us to produce reliable equipment that lasts over time.

We master our own techniques and technologies for :

  • Retarder proofer
  • Conservation
  • Positive and negative cold
  • Freezing

In addition, we have mastered the various techniques of heat recovery by direct expansion or different types of heat transfer fluids (HFC, HFO, glycol water, CO2, propane, etc.).