Positive conservation cabinet

ACPs are conservation cabinets, in positive refrigeration, for the preservation of finished and semi-finished pastry products, ranging from -2°C to +8°C. They have an automatic defrosting system with electrical resistors, as well as an automatic condensation water evaporation system.


  • One door : model 700.
  • Two doors : model 1400.


  • Stainless steel


  • CFI for Climate : R290 gas refrigeration (GWP =3).
  • Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 42kg/m3).
  • Automatic defrosting with electric resistance
  • Automatic condensation water evaporation system.
  • Automatic light.
  • Electronic control system.
  • Optimization of cleaning time
  • Time saving thanks to the practicality and ease of use of the electronic control

  • Optimal air distribution inside the cell thanks to its ventilation
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance thanks to the design
  • Simple and intuitive electronic control
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