• Interior height : 2,23 meters or 2,43 meters


  • Food-grade PVC coating
  • Insulated, non-slip PVC pedestrian floor
  • Simple pivoting door
  • Sliding door (optional)


  • Interior LED lighting.
  • Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 43kg/m3)
  • Ceiling pendant, simple flow.
  • Built-in refrigerating unit H.T.A. (+43°C max.).
  • Temperature recorder and «Person Locked in»  safety  kit (required BRP > 10m3)  (optional)

  • Optimization of cleaning time (all interior corners are rounded for easy cleaning)
  • Structural reinforcements increase the rigidity of the chamber
  • The combination of the thickness of the rigid polyurethane foam insulation and its density limits heat loss and energy consumption
  • Reduces the operating cost of each of your appliances thanks to energy savings
  • The modular design of the chambers allows each user to find a chamber adapted to his needs, according to his production, his work organization and the constraints of his bakery.
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