• Single tank models :
    • RCS 45 liters/hour
    • RCS 60 liters/hour
    • and RCS 90 liters/hour
  • Double tank models :
    • RCD 120 liters/hour
    • and RCD 180 liters/hour


  • Stainless steel


  • A stainless steel exchanger plunged into an iced water bath
  • Water circulates thanks to its own pressure


  • +20°C to +3°C for single tank models.
  • +20°C to +1°C for double tank models.
  • The principle of the continuous casting cooler eliminates any risk of bacterial contamination due to stagnant water
  • No draught pump required: water circulation is ensured by the pressure of the network
  • The water is at the right temperature, without being soiled by stagnant water, in order to respect the base temperature
  • Complete and easy to use
  • Reduces the operating cost of each of your equipment thanks to energy economies
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