Refrigerated worktables - Blue Rock

The Blue Rock range of static cold Refrigerated Tables is designed for positive storage (+2°C to +15°C)  of all pastry and viennese products. Available with 2 to 6 doors and in a range of different finishes, they are equipped to accommodate all 400x600 mm trays or grids (400 entry direction).

BLUE ROCK are dismountable refrigerated worktables with static positive cooling (+2°C to +15°C), designed to accommodate 400x600mm trays or grids (400 entry). They ensure optimum preservation of finished pastry products and raw materials, thanks to their excellent hygiene conditions and precise temperature control. They are available in 2 to 6-door versions, with either a builtin group (GL) - except for the 6-door version - or a remote group (GD).

Max. number of levels per door

  • Blue Rock 20 (2 doors / 20 supports)
  • Blue Rock 30 (3 doors / 30 supports)
  • Blue Rock 40 (4 doors / 40 supports)
  • Blue Rock 50 (5 doors / 50 supports)
  • Blue Rock 60 (6 doors / 60 supports)


  • Pannels :
    • inox (304 int./ 430 ext.)
    • ou white PVC 
  • Worktop
    • stainless steel
    • granite or
    • Zimbabwe black granite
    • with or without splashback
  • Unit housed directly on the appliance or connected remotely for greater compactness and space management
  • H.T.A (High Ambient Temperature, +43°C) unit or remote unit
  • Adjustable feet 920 to 970mm
  • Enclosure made of panels assembled with eccentric and centering hooks for easy assembly
  • Natural defrost or forced defrost cycle possible
  • Doors with butterfly opening for easy transfer of plates from one door to another
  • Magnetic door seals

The pastry lathe is available in 5 models with numerous options such as stainless steel or granite or black granite top, with or without backsplash, set of castors, etc.

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