Why should I invest in a fermentation cabinet for my bakery?

In order to obtain beautiful breads or well-developed viennoiseries / pastries, it is essential that the dough doubles in volume by gaining carbon dioxide. This is why the baker is interested in acquiring fermentation equipments. CFI is able to offer you a wide range of proofing equipments that will make your work easier.

Our retarder proofer cabinets and chambers allow you to block the dough pieces from growing for up to 48 hours and then to program the moment when you want the fermentation to start. The device will increase the temperature by step and will automatically manage the right process… You will only have to indicate the duration of fermentation, the temperature and the humidity that will suit your dough pieces. This will allow you to plan all your work in advance to avoid delays!

What controlled fermentation technologies are available for my bakery?

We have more than 9 product categories in our range of fermentation equipment, which are available in different models :

What are the differences between all these products and how do you know which one(s) to choose?

The choice of a retarder proofer cabinet is made according to two main criteria:

  • The type of dough to be proved: each process is different depending on whether you want to process croissants, baguettes, etc.
  • The size of your racks and your bakery!

Is the CFI fermentation equipment easy to use?

Thanks to the C-Touch control, everything is made easy for you. You can choose between delayed (automatic) programs for up to 72-hour fermentation or direct (manual) programs for positive conservation, direct steaming and slow proofing.

With CFI’s controlled proofing cabinets and chambers, your baked dough is leavened at the right time, allowing you to spread out the baking of your products throughout the day.