Controlled fermentation cabinets allow you to achieve perfect growth for your products by controlling fermentation parameters such as temperature, phase duration, humidity and air flow with the C-touch control. It also ensures a light and developed crumb, and optimized aroma and flavors.


  • 1 compartment 1 door models (1C1P): 400×600, 400×800, 430×800, 460×800, 600×800…
  • 1 compartment with 2 flap doors models (1C2B) : 750×900, 800×800, 1000×800, 1200×800…
  • 2 compartments with 2 internal doors models (2C2P) : 400×600, 400×800, 460×800, 600×800…..


  • Blue Moon design.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Tempered triple glazed door with led lighting and anti-fogging.


  • C-touch technology.
  • Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 42kg/m3).
  • Insulating floor
  • Reinforced steam system “VapOoo” (only for cabinets for trolleys and stainless steel finish).


  • Trolley.
  • Trays, grids or meshes.


Viennese pastry cabinets

Bakery cabinets

Junior cabinets

Oven support

Cabinets for trolleys

Traditional cabinets

Their strengths :

  • The cabinets allow you to control all fermentation functions and parameters with C-Touch control (temperature, humidity).
  • Natural defrosting cycle that allows the fermentation of frozen products without the return of water.
  • This C-touch control saves 23% energy compared to an electromechanical control system.
  • Different options are available depending on the model (glass door and stainless steel finish).


Benefits :

  • Customization of the cabinet model and fermentation parameters according to the characteristics of your products.
  • Gain of space.
  • Reduces the operating cost of each of your equipment thanks to energy savings.