The Pastry Cabinets are positive conservation cabinets designed for the storage of fine pastry products with coatings or icings. The combination of a soft and efficient ventilation with a natural humidity inside the chamber helps to preserve the aspect and flavors of your products.


  • Pastry Cabinet 46 : 560 x 915 x 2300
  • Pastry Cabinet 68 : 760 x 1115 x 2350


  • Blue Moon design.
  • Tempered triple glazed door with led lighting and anti-fogging.


  • CFI for Climate : R290 gas refrigeration (Global Warming Potential =3).
  • Reinforced insulation (polyurethane foam 42kg/m3).
  • Ventilation defrosting cycle.


  • Trays or grids


Their strengths :

  • Flush control panel.
  • The thickness of the insulation and its density allows you to reduce your energy consumption by 7 to 10%.
  • R290 gas refrigeration has an extremely low environmental impact (GWP =3) making this cabinet an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution.
  • Extra clear tempered, low emissivity, triple-glazed door with two integrated led cords. 

Benefits :

  • Preserve and display your fine pastries hermetically sealed to keep them perfectly fresh and ready for sale.
  • Ease of use.
  • Reduces the operating cost of each of your equipment thanks to energy economies.
  • Stay ahead of changes in F-Gas regulations and the gradual deployment of taxes in Europe with the CFI for Climate program.