Why should I invest in negative conservation equipments for my bakery?

Negative conservation equipments have the main purpose of freezing your food: a technique that consists of slowly crystallizing the water contained in your products so as to avoid any living activity. This stage of the process takes place after freezing and aims at storing your frozen food and then defrosting it by gradual reheating.

Therefore, negative cold equipments allow you to store your food at low temperatures to preserve both its taste and nutritional qualities. They are all the more necessary to abide by the regulated food hygiene standards.

In addition to this sanitary protection, negative conservation chambers and cabinets improve your efficiency by automating the process and allowing you to adapt your offer to the demand.

What negative conservation materials are available for my bakery?

CFI has developed various equipmenst allowing you to store your products at the right temperature, with an appropriate humidity level and with gentle ventilation:

What are the differences between all these products and how do you know which one(s) to choose?

You should choose your equipment according to the storage space you wish to have and the type of food you wish to conserve. You also need to choose this equipment according to your production and planning rate.