Slow proofing Cocoon cabinetsCocoon cabinets

The Cocoon are slow proofing cabinets designed for the first fermentation in dough trays.

The slow proofing process is perfectly adapted to the DiviTrad or any other process available on the market, and allow a better development of the flavors, as well as a better conservation.

Cocoon takes care of your doughs and ensure delicious and crunchy breads at any time.

Technical Data

Efficiency and capacity

These cabinets – available in model 46 or 68 – are meant to hold 400 x 600, 400 x 300 (model 46 only) or 530 x 410 mm dough trays that can contain up to 7kg of dough. Cocoon is thus capable of holding up to 126kg of dough.

The Cocoon cabinets allow a slow proofing of the dough at a temperature of +1°C to +6°C for 24 to 48h, or more. They are equipped with an electric defrosting system, with regular intervals, that prevents from risks of icing.

In standard, they are provided with 9 pairs of slide rails and can thus contain, depending on the height of the trays :


2 x 18 levels* for dough trays 400 x 300 x 75 mm
18 levels* for dough trays 400 x 600 x 70 mm
9 levels for dough trays 530 x 410 x 140 mm


2 x 18 levels* for dough trays 400 x 600 x 70 mm
2 x 9 levels for dough trays 530 x 410 x 140 mm

*needs additional slide rails

Quality, sturdiness and savings

  • The injection is at high pressure (60 mm) with a guaranteed density of 42kg/m3. The high pressure has the power to form extremely fine particles which increases the insulating power of the foam produced.
  • The interior and exterior panels are clad front and back in 6/10 electro-galvanised sheeting, covered in a food-safe high resistant 120 micron PVC film.
  • The alliance of the insulation’s width, in polyurethane foam, and its density, limits the losses and the energy consumption. This economical conception allows you to reduce your consumption by 7 to 10%.
  • The door seals are in magnetized black TPE.
  • The batteries are protected by a reinforced cataphoresis treatment.
  • The slide rails can be dismantled without any tools, for an easier cleaning and a better hygiene.
  • The floor is entirely smooth : no holes nor fixations. The doors are reversible at any time.
  • The cabinets are equipped in standard with a refrigerating unit with R290, capable of functioning in conditions up to 43°C .

The Blue Moon design, modern and meticulous

The Cocoon cabinets have a very refined and elegant design: the central panel integrates the temperature regulator, located in the upper part and equipped with blue LEDs for a delicate finish.

The upper lateral protections conceal the refrigerating unit, for a meticulous and clean finish look.

The front is enhanced with a door with no apparent handle – but with an integrated hand grip – and without visible hinges, which gives the cabinets a refined and practical profile.

Covered with PVC, the front is easily cleaned.

An environmentally conscious cabinet

Aware of the stakes in terms of sustainable energy and energy reductions, CFI commits to a responsible approach to offer to its customers solutions geared towards this goal and accompany them in their energy transition : this is the CFI For Climate program.

The evolution of the F-Gas regulation and the progressive deployment of taxes in Europe guide the refrigerating installations towards green fluids that are an alternative to HFC, harmful to the environment and subjected to demanding constraints.

That is why CFI offers Cocoon, its ecological, reliable and sustainable solution of R290 gas refrigeration.

The fluid R290 is a natural gas, not subjected to the restrictions of the F-Gas european directive, has an extremely low environmental impact (GWP =3).

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