Bakery CabinetsRetarder Proofer Cabinets for Bakery

The equipments from the AFB range are Retarder Proofer Cabinets for bakery, designed to receive trays, grids or meshes of size 400x800, 430x800, 460x800, 600x800, 750x900, 750x430, 800x800, 1000x800 or 1200x800 depending on the model.

The AFB range consists of :
- 4 one compartment one door models (1C1P) : AFB 48, AFB 438, AFB 468 and AFB 68
- 5 one compartment with 2 flap doors models (1C2B) : AFB 68x2, AFB 759, AFB 88, AFB 108 and AFB 128
- 3 two compartments with 2 internal doors models (2C2P) : AFB 48, AFB 468 and AFB 68

C-TOUCH control

Versatile and intuitive,the C-TOUCH control is a complete management tool allowing two major types of programs :

  • Deferred programs (automatic) : Proofing controlled up to 72 hours with proofing in stages, slow proofing per stage with a progressive increase in temperature and ventilation. Automatic cooling at the end of the cycle for each programme. Two new deferred programs now include a 1st phase that maintains the products at negative temperature before the blocking cycle, which ensures a naural defrosting phase.
  • Direct programs (manual) : Positive storage (automatic defrosting); direct and slow proofing at constant temperature and humidity rates.

Technical Data

  • Equipped with a humidity generator with an electronic probe.
  • Panels insulated with polyurethane foam 42kg/m3, high pressure, 60mm thickness, food-grade PVC coating (delivered fully assembled, dismantled on request).
  • Door seals are in magnetized black TPE.
  • Reversible door.
  • Door buffers.
  • Batteries protected by a reinforced cataphoresis treatment.
  • H.T.A. Refrigerating unit (High Ambient Temperature, +43°C max.) in standard.

Option : Glass door

Available on the AFB 68 1C1P models :

The Retarder Proofer Cabinets Blue Moon with glass door (with lighting), have a reduced central panel to offer an optimum visibility.

A resistor also guarantees a full vision on the inside of the cabinets, while ensuring a perfect airtightness thanks to the high-quality door seals.

The glass foors ar also reversible right/left.


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