Continuous flow Water ChillersRCS/RCD range

The RCS/RCD range equipments are water coolers based upon a continuous flow technology

The range is composed of 5 models :
- Single tank models : RCS 45, RCS 60 and RCS 90
- Double tank models : RCS 120 and RCD 180

Technical Data

  • Water hourly output from +20°C to +3°C: 45, 60, or 90 litres for single tank models
  • Water hourly output from +20°C to +1°C: 120 or 180 litres for double tank models
  • Exclusive continuous flow technology: water, coming directly from the general water system, circulates in a stainless steel exchanger plunged into an iced water bath
  • No draft pump is necessary; water circulates thanks to its own pressure



  • Refrigerating gas R134 A circulates in a coil made of copper tubes – Gas and water circuits are split to avoid fluids mixing risk
  • Hermetic built-in air unit
  • Plastic (food use) insulated tank – Continuous flow system eliminates bacteria proliferating risk
  • Double circuit stainless steel exchanger for a total length of 40 to 70 meters depending models
  • Ice block thickness controlled by electronic regulator
  • 2 or 3 stirrers (dep. models) for better efficiency of cooling system
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Front main switch
  • Cold water hose supplied



  • Wall stands for models RCS 45 and 60
  • Refrigerated pipes for remote installation
  • Pump kit for double tank models remote installation