Chambres de Conservation Positive

Positive Conservation ChambersPCR range

Equipments from the PCR range are positive conservation chambers, designed to be fitted out with storage shelves or to take storage racks.

The PCR range consists of 3 models :
- PCR, 2 meters model : 2 000 mm interior height.
- PCR 225, 2,25 meters model : 2 250 mm interior height.
- PCR 24, 2,4 meters model : 2 400 mm interior height.

Technical Data

  • The modular design of chambers from the PCR range enables all users to find a chamber which suits their needs depending on their own production, work organization and the installation limitations of their bakehouse.
  • Products from the PCR range are designed for the storage and conservation of finished, part-finished or uncooked products at positive temperatures, within the +1°C to +10°C range.
  • Using a unit of this type allows you to organize your working activities in the laboratory and ensures that you always comply with relevant hygiene regulations.
  • A temperature recorder (not compatible with Apple products) and a “Persion Locked” safety kit (audible and visual, with standalone battery) are delivered as standard on all chambers of 10m3 or more.



  • The 60mm-thick panels are injected to a density of 42kg/m3 by a high pressure injection machine (135 bar).
  • The combination of the thickness and density of the rigid polyurethane foam insulating material has been specially designed according to operational requirements, thereby minimizing heat loss and energy consumption.
  • Panel surfaces in 6/10ths galvanized steel covered with a 120µ food quality PVC film.
  • All interior angles are rounded.
  • The doors can be reversed on demand.
  • Panel assembly using eccentric hooks.
  • Delivered with lighting as standard.


  • Insulated anti-slip floor for wheeled loads, 15mm thick
  • Reinforced rigid polyurethane foam insulated floor for wheeled loads, 60mm thick.
  • Pre-fitted strip curtain.
  • Stainless steel interior finish.
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior finish.
  • Shelving by linear metre.