Removable Negative Conservation CabinetsACN range

At CFI, we know that a good preservation is an essentiel part of the production cycle. In order for the nutritional values, volume, apparence and flavors of your products to be unaltered, it is necessary to store them at the right temperature, with the proper humidity rate and with a gentle and efficient ventilation. That is why CFI has designed ranges of negative (ACN) conservation cabinets with R290 fluid, to take care of your products while respecting the environment.

The ACN are Negative (ACN) Conservation Cabinets, designed to receive trays of size GN2/1. Those ranges are available in two configurations, with one door (models 700) or two doors (models 1400). Fitted with an internal and external stainless steel 304 finish, the cabinets’panels are insulated with ecological foam, 85/93 mm thick, high pressure. They have an automatic defrosting system with electrical resistors, as well as an automatic condensation water evaporation system. A door switch stops the ventilation when the door is opened and operates automatic lighting inside the cabinet.

Technical Data

Flexibility and cleaning

These Conservation Cabinets have 24 internal moulded sides in stainless steel 304. The absence of any accessories to support the grids facilitates and speeds up cleaning operations, allows for great flexibility in terms of the layout and prevents from the risks of obstructing the air flow. The internal corners of the cabinets are rounded to make cleaning much easier. The control panel can easily be opened to facilitate maintenance operations and the cleaning of the condenser. The stainless steel feet ensure great stability and are equipped with anti-scratch caps. They can be adjusted up to 180 mm

An intelligent distribution of air

For a good preservation of the products and a consistent temperature at each level, the ACN cabinets guanrantee an optimum distribution of air inside the chamber. They benefit from an indirect ventilation thanks to the full-height ducting system. This controlled ventilation allows the product to be delicately enveloped and preserved, without it being in the direct path of the air flow, thus avoiding any risk of dehydration. The positioning of the evaporator outside the cell enables an optimal use of the internal space. The evaporator fan stops automatically when the door is opened.

Control panel

Simple and intuitive, the control panel of the ACN cabinets offer a clear vision of all the parameters. It is possible to set in one quick action the temperature and the high and low humidity threshold required. For an easier cleaning, a setting can lock the keys


Sober and elegant thanks to their stainless steel finish and their immaculate look, the ACN cabinets do not go unnoticed ! To improve confort, these cabinets have an ergonomic full-height handle that accentuates the design outline, while simplifying daily operations. The control panel is perfectly integrated into the front panel, thus preventing the flour particles from collecting into it

CFI For Climate

Aware of the stakes in terms of sustainable energy and energy reductions, CFI commits to a responsible approach. The evolution of the F-Gas regulation and the progressive deployment of taxes in Europe guide the refrigerating installations towards green fluids that are an alternative to HFC, harmful to the environment and subjected to demanding constraints. That is why CFI offers for its ACN cabinets, an ecological, reliable and sustainable solution of R290 gas refrigeration. The fluid R290 is a natural gas, not subjected to the restrictions of the F-Gas european directive, has an extremely low environmental impact (GWP =3).

An environmentally conscious cabinet

With a deeply rooted desire of accompanying its customers in their energy transition and bring them ecologically responsible solutions, CFI has launched the CFI For Climate program : a commitment for eco-energetic equipments that still maintain the efficiency and energetic performances that CFI is well-known for. The ACN have been designed with this desire to offer a solution for more responsible equipments. Their insulation thickness of 85 mm that limits heat loss, the use of electronic fans on the evaporators, the high-adherence door seals, as well as the use of LED lights, are all factors that ensure to those cabinets a lower energy consumption. The use of R290, ua natural gas with a very low Global Warming, also contributes greatly to this reduced consumption (with a GWP of 3, its impact on the greenhouse effect is, for example, 462 times lower than the gas R448a used before)