Negative Conservation CabinetsACN range

The equipments from the ACN range are 1 door (ACN 700) or 2 doors (ACN 1400) cabinets designed to store previously blast frozen products at core. Their operating temperature goes from -18°C to -21°C.

The ACN can receive trays in GN2/1 format with an entry size of 530 mm, or 400 mm when the cabinet is loaded with trays or grids of size 400x600 mm (400x600mm resizing kit available as an option).

Technical Data


The ACN are delivered fully assembled. Panels are insulated with polyurethane foam 42kg/m3, high pressure, 75mm thickness, internal and external 304 stainless steel coating.

The range is supplied with a refrigerator unit mounted in the upper part to ensure optimal use of space. For simple and easy maintenance, the monobloc unit can be removed from the top.

Ergonomics and safety

  • The ACN cabinets are equipped with an automatic defrost and condensates evaporation system.
  • A door-switch stops the ventilation when the door is opened and operates automatic lightning.
  • For a confortable use, the ACN cabinetsare Equipped with a full height ergonomic handle, a lock with key on each door and adjustable stainless steel feet.
  • Refrigerating fluid R448A.