The company

CFI, specialist in refrigeration for bread-making equipment

Since july 1979, CFI has succeeded in making a place for itself in the field of refrigeration for  bakery and pastry products, particularly thanks to its attention to quality, which has always been the primary concern for CFI.

The company, located in Lavaveix-les-Mines and comprising some 40 employees, masters many techniques and technologies, and manufactures and markets equipment for retarding-proofing, conservation and blast freezing :

  • Water coolers and water meters & mixers
  • Retarder-proofer cabinets
  • Under oven proofer
  • Direct fermentation proofer box
  • Slow growth retarder-proofer
  • Refrigerated pastry handling worktable
  • Conservation cabinets
  • Positive and negative conservation chambers
  • Negative conservation units
  • Blast freezing & conservation units
  • Blast freezing, conservation & fast positive refrigeration units, with doors
  • Blast freezing and fast positive refrigeration cells
  • Blast freezing and fast positive refrigeration deck cells


2nd July 1979

CFI starts up in Lavaveix-Les-Mines in a small workshop located near the train station, where 8 employees, all shareholders of the company, carry out boiler-making activities. They mainly manufactured 30-meter-long molds to coat cables. Note that it took almost a month to make a complete roll.


Meanwhile, the workers designed chambers and cabinets. At that time, only one chamber came out of the workshop per week since all the steps were carried out manually: each sheet was cut with hand shears, then bent on both sides, then passed through the single-stage injection press and finally molded. Each panel was made one after the other and then the whole was assembled; finally came the cabling and cold adjustment parts.


Little by little, the volume of chambers increased and the boiler-making activities were gently left aside.


Construction of the factory at its current location. The 11 employees discover a brand new building, which soon proves to be too small! It was therefore expanded twice, requiring major earthworks and land disbursement.


The company is now owned by T.M.F. Throughout this period, the CFI trademark can no longer be used as it remains the property of Electrolux.


CFI took up the colors again and decided to join forces with Pavailler and Bertrand-Puma to create S.E.B.P., which was then acquired by the AGA group.


The company S.E.B.P., to which CFI belongs, joins the Italian group ALI.


CFI is celebrating its 40th anniversary in a festive atmosphere where the feeling of pride and belonging resonates with all employees. This anniversary also marks the beginning of a new decade, which promises to be rich in projects and innovation, thanks in particular to the CFI for Climate program. The plant still has a lot of great resources to tap into!

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