Our commitments

Beyond its role as an industrial and a manufacturer, CFI,   specialist in refrigeration thanks to its knowledge of many techniques and technologies, wants to bring the most innovative, efficient and complete solutions to the service of bakers : solutions that are respectful of their profession while still helping them to make a better profit.

Our teams mobilize at all times to react to the evolution of the profession : health, ergonomy, energy consumption. We are doing our best to offer you high quality products, with conformy certifications (CE) and in line with the refrigerant fluids regulations (F-Gas).

Aware of the stakes in terms of sustainable energy and energy reductions, CFI commits to a responsible approach to offer to its customers solutions geared towards this goal and accompany them in their energy transition : this is the CFI For Climate program.


Environment protection

The evolution of the F-Gas regulation and the progressive deployment of taxes in Europe guide the refrigerating plants towards “green” fluids.

That is why CFI offers you its ecological, reliable and sustainable solution of C02 refrigeration

The CO2, not subjected to  the restrictions of the F-Gas  european  directive, is widely considered as an emission that plays an  important role in  global warming. For CFI, thanks to its near-zero environmental impact (GWP =1), CO2 is now considered as a resource for commercial refrigeration.

Our solution

CFI implements installations able to remotely connect units and power stations with CO2 Activ’. This solution allows to power combinations of Positive or Negative Conservation equipments for bakeries, while still maintaining the energetic performances thah CFI is well-known for, and preserving the environment.

The selected groups use compressors with digital regulation and speed control to adjust the cooling power depending on the demand of your installation, thus allowing substantial energy savings.

Cooling performance, conservation of the environment and quality of bakery products are the commitments of CFI.


Our range

CO2 groups


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  • Streamline air condensing unit with overturning in epoxy galvanized sheet
  • Rotary compressor BLDC with CO2
  • Frequency variator for the rotary compressor
  • Liquid line assembled with filter and warning light
  • Safety HP pressure switch
  • Access to the group through a hinged door
  • Gas cooler incorporated with one or two EC motorized ventilators
  • Sub cooler incorporated
  • Incorporated supply electrical panel, with disconnector on the front
  • Electronic regulator ew generation for the control of CO2



Natural gas CO2 (R744)

Energy Efficiency

Average and Low temperatures

Low noise level