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CFI - Positive conservation room
ACP range - Positive conservation cabinets
positive conservation cabinet

Accumulation water chillers

  • Products from the ACP range are positive conservation cabinets, designed to take trays or grids in format 400x600 for the conservation of finished and part-finished pastry products.
  • The ACP range consists of 2 models of one compartment one door:
- ACP 46 for a total capacity of 24 400x600 trays or grids in the entry direction 400
- ACP 68 for a total capacity of 48 400x600 trays or grids in the entry direction 600
  • 1 model of one compartment and two swinging doors :
- ACP 46x2 for trolleys 870x610
  • 1 model of one compartment and one door for trolleys :
- ACPC 68 for trolleys 870x610


  • The 60mm-thick panels are injected to a density of 42kg/m3 by a high pressure injection machine (135 bar)
  • The combination of the thickness and density of the rigid polyurethane foam insulating material has been specially designed according to operational requirements, thereby minimizing heat loss and energy consumption
  • Panel surfaces in 6/10ths galvanized steel covered with a 120µ food quality PVC film
  • All interior angles are rounded
  • Doors and drop down doors can be reversed as required
  • Interior fittings in 100% food quality 304 stainless steel
  • 24 levels spaced at 63mm, adjustable every 21mm
  • All slider fixings can be removed without tools for ease of cleaning
  • Totally smooth base: no holes, no attachments.


  • Stainless steel interior/exterior
  • Stainless steel or granite top
  • Stainless steel or granite back panel
  • Interior lighting along the full length