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CFI innovates in the field of controlled proofing, a crucial stage in the bread-making process thanks to the new C-TouCh control.

Combining ergonomics and versatility, it has been developed using capacitive technology, allowing high precision in the management of proofing programmes. It thus offers many advantages for direct and deferred work.

Perfectly integrated at "human height" in the door of the proofing chambers and units, the C-TouCh control adapts to its user's processes and habits.


Discover and explore the interactive photo galleries for the CFI product range, available online in the new CFI internet site.

Each product sheet has a link to the relevant gallery - but you can also access it using the "Product Gallery" link located on the site main menu..


These galleries enable you visualisze CFI products from the refrigeration and proofing range. They contain high resolution pictures of all our equipment and include other details, such as door handles, order procedure etc.

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