SIRHA 2019

Pavailler, Bertrand-Puma and CFI will exhibit their latest equipments on the same stand.

Revolution at Pavailler, the latest compact oven of the brand will be showcased. With a new striking design and a new modern control panel, this oven combines ergonomy, baking speed and pastry baking abilities.

For its part, CFI will exhibit its new retarder proofer cabinets that also underwent a makeover : more sturdy and more economical, they mark the turning point of the brand toward ecology. CFI will present its program « CFI For Climate ».

Futhermore, Bertrand Puma will present its hydraulic divider, as well as the new version of DiviTrad®. Latest innovation of the brand in terms of divider-formers, we invite you to (re)discover this flagship product gifted with a new design and new functionalities. Launched a year ago, the latest Fermentolevain® range will once more be showcased on the SIRHA.

Do not miss it !