Blue Moon design

Makeover for CFI’s Retarder Proofer Cabinets !

On the occasion of the SIRHA, CFI revelaed the new look of its Retarder Proofer Cabinets. Between design and technology, CFI made its equipments more ergonomic for the users, more modern and unique.

The Blue Moon finish perfectly integrates the C-Touch into the central panel, for a modern and refined look.

On the technical side, the conception of the insulating panels hase been improved to allow greater insulation performances and realize energy gains that can go up to 10% savings in electricty.

The Blue Moon cabinets range are available for the AFV, AFB, AFT, AFC, AFJ and SF models : discover them without delay !


Glass door option

A glass door option is now available (for AFV, AFB, AFT, dimension 46 and 68), to allow you to always keep an eye on the stock of product you have in your cabinet and their state of proofing.