"CFI's CRIOLLA chocolate cabinet is multi-purpose, serving from manufacturing to retailing chocolate candy."

What equipment do you have in your laboratory? 

We developed the CRIOLLA chocolate cabinet with you; why is it now indispensable?

Because it is multi-purpose for the entire chocolate industry! From the production, it serves as a melting pot, and up to the store thanks to its "conservation" mode which allows to have an optimum conservation at the right temperature and hygrometry.

The cabinet is very precise, it can be adjusted to the nearest degree. We can put in it our pistol devices or our buckets of chocolate.

Another advantage is the "natural defrosting" mode; we know that we start making the chocolates in advance for Christmas or Easter, so we will freeze them. You can't just take them out and put them in the store, there is a whole process to make sure the chocolate candy doesn't dry out and get moldy. With the natural defrosting mode, the chocolate candy will go up in temperature by stages, from -18° to +4° and the result will be perfect. 

Finally, the humidity control is a real asset. We don't have too much added humidity and it is not too dry either. It is really necessary to control this hygrometry. 

Why use a controlled proofing cabinet in a pastry and chocolate laboratory?

This proofing equipment will serve me for several things; it will act as a "fridge", which allows us on big weekends to take the cakes out the night before, bring them up to temperature slowly, in increments, and in the morning they will be ready to be decorated. This prevents them from staying out in the heat, and keeps the frosting nice. Just like in the CRIOLLA cupboard, I sometimes put my buckets of melted chocolate in there. I'll use them to load the enrober as the day goes on. And that way I have them all the time. 

We can control everything unlike other proofing equipment. It's more than just a proofing cabinet.