Ensuring optimal rethermalization of chocolate

Ensuring optimal rethermalization of chocolate

With Easter just around the corner, La Tribune des Boulangers Pâtissiers magazine offers four ideas for enhancing your chocolate expertise.

And there's no such thing as good chocolate without good equipment! Too moist, too dry, crystallized ... There are many criteria involved in making good chocolate. It is therefore essential to be accompanied by top-of-the-range equipment. Such is the case with our Criolla chocolate cabinet. Comprising 5 modes, it won the 2023 Innovation of the Year award.

Criolla stands out for its amplitude and versatility. Criolla manages humidity and temperature with the utmost precision.

  1. In natural defrost mode, the program gently switches from -10° to +4°;
  2. In display mode, the cabinet goes from +4° to +14° with low humidity to avoid soaking the chocolates and their packaging;
  3. The preservation mode maintains a stable temperature and hygrometry to create the best conditions for chocolate preservation;
  4. The cooling mode reduces the temperature of 40kg of chocolate in molds from 30°C to 10°C in 1h30;
  5. Lastly, the melting mode raises the cabinet to between 40° and 60°, allowing the chocolate stored in the tools (e.g. bucket, pistol) to melt.

As of this year, Criolla is available with two compartments! This means you can manage two modes simultaneously!

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