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In view of the risks posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus and the provisions imposed by our Government, here is some […]

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CFI for Climate Program

Here at CFI, we care about the planet and its population, and are deeply aware of the stakes in terms […]

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Blue Moon design

Makeover for CFI’s Retarder Proofer Cabinets ! On the occasion of the SIRHA, CFI revealed the new look of its […]

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CFI is a refrigeration specialist that has been providing professional bakers and pastry chefs for mor than 40 years with a wide range of high-quality equipments for controlled fermentation, positive and negative conservation and deep freezing.

Whether you are an artisan, a semi-industrial or a chain, CFI aims at providing the most innovative and efficient refrigeration solutions that will suit your needs, assisting you each step of the way.

Retarder Proofer

Slow or controlled proofing allows the dough to develop during the different phases of fermentation (preparation, proofing).

With CFI at your side, fermentation will become child’s play!

Discover our range of controlled fermentation chambers and cabinets

Positive Conservation

Keep your food at low temperatures to respect the cold chain and reduce health risks.

Positive cold storage equipments are available in a wide variety of formats to satisfy the maximum number of bakers.

Discover our range of positive conservation cabinets and chambers
Tours Pâtissiers

Negative conservation

Store your already-frozen products to maintain impeccable food hygiene.

Just like positive preservation, negative cooling cells come in different sizes to suit your bakery.

Discover our range of negative conservation cabinets and chambers

Deep Freezing

Master freezing techniques to keep your products fresh and flavorful.

Very low temperature technologies represent a real productivity gain for you in relation to the quality offered to the consumer.

Discover our range of freezing cells

Iced water

Adjust the temperature of your bread dough to the nearest degree by regulating the temperature of the water to ensure its quality.

Make your bread dough rise correctly and develop all its aromas by controlling the temperature of the water injected.

Discover our range of dosers and water coolers

Experience and know-how

Through its history and experience, CFI has real expertise and can advise you on the layout and refrigeration equipment for bakeries and pastry shops

Quality after-sales service

Our technicians present on the whole national and international territory travel to your place of manufacture in order to carry out the necessary inspections and repairs at your request.

CFI For Climate

With the CFI For Climate program, we offer you our environmentally friendly, reliable and sustainable CO2 refrigeration solution with almost zero environmental impact (GWP =1).

Made in France

With about 85% French suppliers, we favor short circuits, on which we depend more than ever today, even more so with COVID-19. CFI is part of the French Fab, which brings together manufacturers who produce in France and who aim for ecological and environmental performance.