C-TOUCH - technology at your fingertips

C-TOUCH - technology at your fingertips

Combining ergonomics and versatility, the C-TOUCH control system allows a high degree of precision in the management of proofing programs. It offers many advantages, both for live and delayed operation. Perfectly integrated at "man height" in the door of the proofing cabinets, the C-TOUCH control system adapts to the processes and habits of its user. This control is available for retarder proofer and retarder proofer chambers.



Its capacitive interface, backlit keys and large control panel make the C-TOUCH control system easy and intuitive to use: it is extremely simple to manage all the functions and parameters of the controlled fermentation (temperature, humidity) with a simple swipe of the finger. Navigating from one program to another, creating or modifying recipes is child's play! Its perfectly flat surface is very easy to clean and is made of a shock-resistant material.



Although the control system is very simple to use, it also contains an optimized operating principle. CFI has spent several years developing and testing advanced algorithms to make the C-TOUCH perfectlyadaptable to all types of bread making.

Its performance makes it a real management tool, both on an organizational and economic level. The C-TOUCH control contributes to energy management and reduces the operating cost of each machine compared to any other electromechanical control.

This 23% energy saving, compared to an electromechanical control, is ensured by the precision and anticipation of its regulation system.



The C-TOUCH allows you to manage two main families of programs: 

  • Delayed (automatic) programs: controlled fermentation for up to 72 hours with a stepwise fermentation, the stepwise slow push with a progressive rise in temperature and ventilation. Automatic return to cold at the end of the cycle for each program. Two new deferred programs now include a 1st phase that can maintain products at negative temperature before the blocking cycle and thus ensure a natural defrosting phase
  • Direct programs (manual): positive preservation (automatic defrosting), direct steaming and slow cooking at a constant temperature and humidity level.

 The C-TOUCH integrates as standard all the technical recipes for bread making and guarantees the integrity and quality of the product thanks to its precise and adaptive management of the temperature, humidity and air flow according to the chosen program. It also ensures the optimization of the dough's alveolus, aromas and taste.

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