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Rack Blast FreezersSCH range

SCH rack blast freezers are designed for cooling and rapid freezing of products before conservation.
SCH models come in a standard or tunnel version and can accommodate one to four 400x600 mm or 600x800 mm racks.

They fulfil 4 functions :

- Fast positive cooling → from +65° to +10°
- Fast negative cooling → from +65° to -18°
- Blast freezing cycle → from +25° to -18°
- Automatic revert to conservation mode at the end of each cycle, for a maximum duration of 8 hours.

Superior quality construction

The cladding of the blast freezer

The unit consists of 80 mm thick insulating polyurethane foam panels with a density of 42kg/m3. AC galvanised sheets are cladded on the outer surface with extremely resistant PVC, and on the inner surface with 304 stainless steel liner. A 304 stainless steel liner fitted as standard covers the 15 mm PVC floor insulator.

The door

50 Newton hydraulic door closer at handle height to ensure airtight closure of the door. New robust stainless steel handle for a better grip.

Inside the unit

2 mm thick inner stainless steel protection layer against possible rack shocks. Simplified attachment system for quick assembly of the protective features. Standard automatic interior lighting with LEDs.

The regulation system

The electromechanical control manages 3 cycles (quick positive cooling, quick negative cooling and blast freezing mode). These three cycles can be timed and controlled by an temperature sensor or measured by an insertion sensor. The freezer will automatically revert to conservation mode at the end of each cycle. The overdimensioned fans ensure a powerful and regular air flow.