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Retarder Proofer – Oven SupportSF range

The equipments from the SF range are Retarder Proofer Cabinets, designed to receive 400x600, 400x800 ans 600x800 trays, grids or meshes.

The SF range consists of 2 one compartment one door standard models :

- SF 48 (400x800 supports )
- SF 68 (600x800 or 400x600 supports)

Each model is equipped as standard with a humidity generator.

C-TOUCH control

Versatile and intuitive,the C-TOUCH control is a complete management tool allowing two major types of programs :

  • Deferred programs (automatic) : Proofing controlled up to 72 hours with proofing in stages, slow proofing per stage with a progressive increase in temperature and ventilation. Automatic cooling at the end of the cycle for each programme. Two new deferred programs now include a 1st phase that maintains the products at negative temperature before the blocking cycle, which ensures a naural defrosting phase.
  • Direct programs (manual) : Positive storage (automatic defrosting); direct and slow proofing at constant temperature and humidity rates.

Technical Data


  • The SF units can be fully dismantled.
  • The 60mm-thick panels are injected to a density of 42kg/m3 by a high pressure injection machine (135 bar)
  • The combination of the thickness and density of the rigid polyurethane foam insulating material has been specially designed according to operational requirements, thereby minimizing heat loss and energy consumption.
  • Interior finishing stainless steel 304. Exterior finishing brushed stainless steel 430.
  • Floor surface in stainless steel 304.
  • The doors are reversible on request.
  • Levels spaced at 63 mm, adjustable every 21 mm.
  • The refrigeration unit is fitted at the back as standard.
  • The top of the unit is in 12/10ths stainless steel for taking the weight of a small oven.