Why invest in a freezer for my bakery?

Bakery products are very fragile and require a special treatment to keep them from being damaged and making sure to maintain their taste qualities.

Deep freezing equipments allow you to cool your food very quickly, so that the product is completely frozen at the core. By reaching a core temperature of -18°C very quickly, your food is completely preserved.

Freezers therefore allow you to plan your production or to increase your performance.

What are the differences between freezing and deep-freezing?

While freezing is a technical process that slowly lowers the temperature of a body, deep-freezing repeats the same process but much faster. As a result, freezing transforms water into small ice crystals that limit the perforation of the cell walls of your products. This preserves both the taste and the texture of the food.

However, certain precautions must be taken because deep-freezing can be a risky process that can cause food poisoning if it is not carried out correctly. In this sense, your products must first of all, and if possible, be cooled to +4°C: if this will not impact safety, it will avoid any reheating within your deep-freezing cell. Similarly, once your products are frozen, be sure to take them out of the equipment and place them this time in a negative cold cabinet or cold room.

What freezing equipment is available for my bakery?

CFI offers you three types of freezing equipment for your bakery-pastry shop:

What are the differences between all these products and how do you know which one(s) to choose?

The choice of your deep freezer should mainly be made according to the space available in your bakery but also according to the quantity of products you want to sell and therefore its storage capacity.